Hat Size Chart

1.  XS(Extra Small)

Thin Loc's - center of your back

Medium Loc's - shoulder length

Thick Loc's - Short Length

2.  S(Small)

Thin Loc's - to your buttock

Medium Loc's - center of your back

Thick Loc's - shoulder length.

3.  M(Medium)

Thin Loc's - Knee Length

Medium Loc's - to your buttock

Thick Loc's - center of your back.

4.  L(Large) 

Thin Loc's - touching the floor

Medium Loc's - Knee Length

Thick Loc's - to your buttock.

5.  XL(Extra Large)

Medium Loc's - touching the floor

Thick Loc's - Knee Length.

6.  XXL(Double Extra Large)

Thick Loc's - touching the floor.